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About PurpleWifi-PEU

Through using Purple and Cisco Spaces’ combined solution, businesses can gain insight into how visitors move around venues and a holistic view of venue occupancy. This will enable businesses to better understand how their space is used, optimize venue layouts and increase operational efficiencies.

Use cases

Venue Safety: Monitor and control occupancy with up to 98 per cent accuracy ensuring your venue is never overcrowded.

Understand Movement Flow: Use zone flow analytics to understand the paths people within your venue are taking and the flow of movement.

Understand Space Utilization: Monitor overall footfalls, identify areas of high dwell, see which days are your busiest and understand how visitors move around your space. Use the data to optimize your space.

Customise Dashboards: Use systems dashboards or create personalised dashboards so the key information your business needs is clear and accessible.

Setup requirements

Cisco Spaces Extend license
Spaces Connector Deployment (for AirOS/ Catalyst Wireless & Switches)
May require Cisco Spaces ACT license for certain use cases


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