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Sentrius‚ BT510


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The Sentriusâ BT510 is a multi-sensor platform with a magnetic reed switch sensor, temperature sensor, proximity sensor, and accelerometer. These multiple sensing capabilities support a massive array of use cases and applications, and its IP67 enclosure ensures robust protection for even the harshest of environments.

Uses cases for Sentrius‚ BT510

Asset Management in Healthcare
Monitor your medical equipment to better understand maintain cycles and usage

Cold Chain Monitoring in Healthcare
Reduce waste and spoilage by leveraging environmental monitoring devices to maintain a consistent environment for pharmaceuticals from production to administration

Cold Chain Monitoring in Supply Chain
Preserve a consistent temperature through out the entire supply chain process for vaccines

Employee Safety in Manufacturing
Protect your employees, and spaces by tracing possible contact chains and ensuring distance regulations during COVID

Environment Monitoring in Facilities Management
Improve and track room temperature, CO2 levels, and more

Fridge Monitoring (HACCP) in Retail
Save your product from spoilage by investing in a real time fridge monitoring system

Heavy Equipment Tracking in Manufacturing
Save time and improve security with added insight into heavy equipment location

High Value Asset Tracking in Airports
Locate, inventory, and prevent theft of valuable assets

High Value Asset Tracking in Healthcare
Locate, inventory, and prevent theft of valuable assets

Indoor Wayfinding in Workspaces
Enhance and extend your wayfinding solution

Machine Condition Monitoring in Manufacturing
Monitor machine usage to optimize operations

Order-Flow Tracking in Manufacturing
Know where in the process your products are and gain insight to improve work flow

Proximity Marketing in Retail
Share marketing promotions or COVID-19 protocol updates with your customers

Proximity Notifications in Airports
Share important messages with your employees and visitors, such as new COVID protocols or changes in office hours

Proximity Notifications in Venues
Share marketing promotions, provide space context, or share COVID-19 protocol updates with your visitors

Temperature Monitoring in Healthcare
Improve your patient’s experience by monitoring room temperatures

Wayfinding in Healthcare
Enhance and extend your wayfinding solution

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Laird Connectivity Inc
Laird Connectivity simplifies wireless connectivity with market-leading modules, antennas, IoT devices, and customer-specific wireless solutions. Our products are trusted by companies around the world for their performance and reliability. With best-in-class support and comprehensive product development services, we reduce your risk and improve your time-to-market. When you need unmatched wireless performance to connect your applications with security and confidence, Laird Connectivity Delivers – No Matter What.

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