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TAGNOS Orchestration

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About TAGNOS Orchestration

TAGNOS is the clinical logistics automation solution healthcare teams use to orchestrate the functional aspects of care delivery utilizing Indoor IoT services. We offer a wide range of products and services designed to support OR and ED patient flow as well as asset and supply management. TAGNOS is the only company with an AI application that uses machine learning combined with real-time data capturing capabilities to provide a system that continually updates and adjusts its operational intelligence to provide sustained improvement. The TAGNOS system is configurable with custom notification and escalation workflows and flexible communication options including iOS or Android app, SMS or integration with existing mobile platforms. By transforming raw data into actionable intelligence, TAGNOS helps hospitals and health systems Orchestrate Excellence. For more information visit

Use cases

Visitor & Asset Tracking: TAGNOS can track staff, patients & assets that are tagged with Indoor IoT services (Wireless/BLE) throughout building journey
OR Orchestration: TAGNOS helps “orchestrate” the OR workflow to help OR leadership drive efficient throughput with Indoor IoT Services (Wireless/BLE).

Setup requirements

Cisco DNA Spaces Extend / ACT License is required to access this Partner Application

Required Infrastructure: Cisco Wireless Presence, Wireless Location, Spaces Connector deployment, BLE


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