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Borda Technology

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About Borda Technology

Borda Technology helps hospitals worldwide with their digital transformation and smart hospital journeys. IoT & RTLS-enabled award-winning products transform hospitals into operationally aware facilities resulting in maximized operational efficiency, improved patient care quality, 24/7 safety, and advanced patient experience. The”IoT for Healthcare” company currently shows a presence in 50+ million square feet of hospital space, manages more than 1 million hospital assets, and maximizes the efficiency of thousands of patients and staff processes throughout the world. Through collaboration with Cisco Spaces, hospitals leverage their existing Cisco infrastructure and monitor the real-time location of assets via RTLS without any additional infrastructure. The result is better patient care and maximized operational efficiency while decreasing overall investment costs.


Use cases

Breakdown/Work Order Management: Reduce your asset downtime by tracking and managing every stage of breakdown through the mobile/desktop app from anywhere, anytime.

Maintenance and Calibration management: Extend your assets’ life by ensuring timely preventative maintenance and calibration. Prevent asset malfunction and asset loss.

Asset Utilization: Instantly access the real-time location of your assets in minutes. Provide timely patient care and save labor costs by eliminating time-consuming manual searches.

Setup requirements

Cisco Spaces Extend license
Spaces Connector Deployment (for AirOS/ Catalyst Wireless & Switches)
May require Cisco Spaces ACT license for certain use cases


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