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Features: Self powered, NFC, Multi-purpose, temperature, humidity, illumination, accelerometer/orientation, magnetometer

Uses cases for EMSIB – CS

IT Asset Management

  • Optimize IT asset conditions by monitoring room temperature, humidity and more


Space Utilization Analytics

  • Understand floor level utilization & employee work hours


Employee Help button

  • Keep your employees safe by empowering them to discreetly notify security in case of an emergency


Visitor Tracking

  • Help visitors and vendors access the correct facilities while keeping your spaces secure

Technical specifications

Operating temperature: -5°C to +45°C

IP Protection Class: N/A

Radio Sensitivity: N/A

Weight: 16g

Signal Range: up to 10 m

Certifications: CE, FCC, RED, ARIB

Mounting Options: Double Sided Tape, Mounting plate

Similar requirements

About vendor​

EnOcean is a pioneer for the digitization of our world. With our energy harvesting technology, we deliver the data for the internet of Things in a resource-saving, self-powered and maintenance-free way. In doing so, we enable the smart use of buildings, cities and industrial plants. Alternative energy sources from the surroundings, such as motion, light and temperature, are what drives us.

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