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Trackerwave Hospital RTLS

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About Trackerwave Hospital RTLS

Trackerwave is a leading provider of Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) for indoor positioning, Tracking and Locating service for assets and people. Monitoring real-time location of every patient, doctor and assets through RTLS empowers hospitals to respond faster, operate smoother and care for patients better. Safety and security are key factors at any large facility where people come and go every day. Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) are enabling new ways of keeping patients safe and secure in both normal conditions and emergencies.
Trackerwave Hospital RTLS platform covers wide range of workflows to improve effeciency and care delivery for Hospitals. The below are key workflows offered in the platform.
1. Porter Management (Paitent, Asset, Sample, Specimen movements)
2. Asset Tracking and Management
3. Patient Tracking
4. Patient Wander Management (Geofence)
5. Wireless Nurse call solution (bed side call, Pull cord)
6. Indoor Navigation
7. Environement Monitoring
8. Patient Flow Management (Outpatient and Daycare)
9. Digital Signage (Eink display)
10. Staff Tracking and Contact Tracing
11. Staff Routine Management

Use cases

Porter Management
Comprehensive Porter Management Solution to manage movement of Patient, Sepcimen and assets.
Asset Tracking and Management
Asset Tracking With RTLS That Saves Time, Money And Effort Trackerwave Asset Management Solution helps in assisting with maintenance activities as well as prescribe optimal workflow design to improve equipment distribution, availability, and utilisation.
Indoor Navigation
Trackerwave Indoor Navigation App make your venue more efficient and allow visitors to navigate through the facility seamlessly. Trackerwave Navgiation App takes hospitals a step closer to creating a more efficient experience integration with Patient flow management systems.
Staff Safety and Routine Management
Improves Staff Communication, co-ordination and safety Communicating with your mobile workforce made easy through targeted messages from the system
Infant and Patient Safety
State-Of-The-Art Infant Tracking System Integrated With Access Control Security Systems Enforce Protection With Fool Proof Geo Fencing Alerts. Trackerwave uniquely combines the industry’s most accurate Real-Time Location System (RTLS) with Infant Safety And Patient Security System.
Environment Monitoring
Meet Compliance Standards With Wireless Temperature And Environmental Monitoring Solution. Easily Monitor Items That Require Precise, Temperature-Controlled Conditions

Setup requirements

Cisco Spaces Extend license
Spaces Connector Deployment (for AirOS/ Catalyst Wireless & Switches)
May require Cisco Spaces ACT license for certain use cases


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