Better Together.

Cisco Spaces & Meraki to help you get back to business

Helping enterprises respond and adapt to the pandemic: now & beyond

Together, Meraki and Spaces bring you tools that will not only address your immediate back to business needs but will also inform your long term strategy to maintain business continuity, support people safety and meet evolving customer expectations.

A complete out-of-the-box Business Resiliency Solution from Cisco

Cisco Spaces taps into the intelligence of your Meraki wireless network infrastructure to help you monitor real time visitor density, analyze the impact of pandemic on visitor behavior, trace the history of a reporting device and understand if your reopening strategy is working or not.

Zero complexity cloud based solution
Less than 30 mins to activate.

Quick & Low Touch Deployment of use-cases

Enterprise Grade Scale

End-End SLA with 24/7 Support

Enabling enterprises across all verticals to return to work safely

Whether you’re a workspace that wants to safely bring your employees back to work or a retail business that wants to reimagine customer experiences in a new normal world — there are ‘Back to Business’ use cases for all industry verticals. Because every customer matters.
Campus Based
Consumer Facing
Operations Led

Cisco Spaces now bundled with Meraki Wireless Access Points

Activate your Cisco Spaces licenses or start a 30-day free trial

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