Cisco Spaces​

Indoor IoT Services

Make your buildings smarter with our Enterprise IoT solution for the Cisco Catalyst 9000 Wireless and Switching Family. Deploy indoor IoT applications rapidly, at scale, and at a significantly lower TCO. 
From ordering IoT devices to onboarding and managing them and activating apps for outcomes​

Manage the entire lifecycle as-a-service​

IoT Device Marketplace​

Choose from a wide selection of compatible wireless and wired IoT devices​

Dynamic gateway​

Rapidly activate dynamic gateways on Catalyst 9000 Family APs and Switches ​

Cloud-based device management

Simplify activation, configuration, and management of IoT devices from different vendors

Cisco Spaces App Center​

Access to Industry specific apps using the Firehose API, enabling multiple use cases across industries

Full stack observability​

Visibility across the full lifecycle – devices, infrastructure and applications​

The Cisco Spaces Indoor IoT Services Advantage​

Get access to the widest array of end devices

Our multi-vendor IoT device marketplace has a diverse set of wired and wireless devices with different form factors at various price points to help you drive the outcomes of your choice.

Asset tags & beacons​

Environmental sensors

Occupancy sensors​

Delivering outcomes as-a-service through the Cisco Spaces App Center and your enterprise apps

Create enterprise applications with sensor and Wi-Fi data using the Cisco Spaces Firehose API​

Rapidly activate applications from the Cisco Spaces App Center, featuring application partners focused on business outcomes. ​

Enabling you to realize outcomes across industries

Asset Tracking

Visualize and track movement of high value assets in real time​

Room Finding

Find and navigate to the closest available meeting rooms ​


Understand real-time occupancy, trigger alerts and notifications​

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor asset temperature, humidity, ​air quality and other conditions​

Indoor Navigation​

Guide visitors with indoor navigation as they walk through your venue​

Space Utilization

Allocate workspace based on usage and right-size your real estate portfolio

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