is now:

The award-winning platform you know and love can now do a whole lot more, with a whole new look.

We’ve rebranded

We have a new name and a new look.

The world’s most powerful
Smart Spaces Cloud just got



Cisco Spaces now connects Cisco networking, sensors and collaboration products into a single, cloud platform that makes your buildings smart.

Bigger Vision

All the tools that you ever need to make your buildings smart.

  • Interactive 3D Maps
  • Location Metadata
  • IoT Sensor Framework
  • Indoor Location Services
  • Native & Partner Apps
  • Meta API’s
  • 24/7 Proactive Monitoring

On a single, cloud framework, leveraging the power of robust Cisco technologies.

Bigger Purpose

Reimagining buildings to deliver business value to customers, across verticals and functions.

Cisco Spaces connects people and things in buildings, making them safe, smart and sustainable, creating seamless people experiences.

Bigger Impact

A single, cloud platform to make your buildings smart – anywhere, everywhere.

At an unprecedented scale and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Live across 7 billion sq ft and 200,000 locations globally and counting, Cisco Spaces is the most deployed middleware platform for indoor location services.

Gartner Customers’ Choice distinction for 3 years in a row

2020 - 2021 - 2022

Experience Cisco Spaces

With Cisco Spaces, you will be turning your office into a hybrid workplace that enhances employee safety and productivity while enabling use cases such as understanding space utilization and enabling data-driven space optimization.

You can start a Cisco Spaces pilot in your buildings today, for just USD 10K for 100,000 sq ft or receive a demo to experience Cisco Spaces.


Why are we rebranding?

Hybrid work has bolstered the need to make buildings smart. Cisco Spaces is at the center of this market inflection point. We are leading this transformation by expanding our platform capabilities and updating our product portfolio, and want our brand to best reflect where we’re headed. Read the announcement blog here.

What was the inspiration behind the new symbol?

Cisco Spaces is a cloud platform that connects people and things in buildings, transforming them into smart spaces.

The Green & Blue elements of the Spaces symbol represent the two primary signals that Cisco Spaces is constantly gleaning from a building.

What customers need to do...

Nothing! If you’re an existing customer, you will continue to benefit from our investments in expanding the product portfolio and use cases. Stay tuned for more updates on the product, licensing and packaging.

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