Here’s to another trailblazing webinar. This time around, we’re preparing to build an army of turbocharged IT pros like you.

Witness the flair of Cisco Spaces in transforming your IT infrastructure into a powerhouse of connectivity between people and things. We’re bursting with excitement to create the next generation of Cisco Spaces Top Guns.

Join an elite class of IT professionals for a Webinar to learn from Spaces’ Maverick and Goose on how you can fly through Spaces activation.

Our product coaches have been waiting for you, the real heroes, to collaborate on this one-of-a-kind ultimate knowledge session. Here’s how we plan on assisting your Cisco Spaces take-off:

  • Core Essentials: Uncover the basics of Cisco Spaces and glide through its simple 30 minute setup process.
  • Muscle Power: Learn about IT specific use-cases and easily enable your organization to steer through mission critical outcomes.
  • Support-ify: Get access to first-class technical support and guidance from our product onboarding team.
  • Aid-Mate: Have the perfect landing by navigating through FAQs and accessing useful resources.