Meeting room finder
The Spaces Meeting Room Finder interface on a digital display

According to studies, it can take an employee a little over five minutes to find a meeting room in their workplace. Even more so, if they’re hunting for a room equipped with specific collaboration equipment. All of this adds up to a considerable drop in workplace efficiency and even unproductive meetings. 

Cisco Spaces has the answer to this problem – an innovative, state-of-the-art Meeting Room Finder. With this smart spaces solution, workplaces can provide employees a better experience while improving productivity as well. 

Simplify the search with Cisco Spaces

In addition to displaying the real-time status of all meeting rooms, the finder provides filters so users can narrow down their search based on specific requirements. Select rooms based on capacity, environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, etc), amenities (projectors, iPads, etc), and collaboration devices. 

The Spaces Meeting Room Finder is designed not just to streamline the process of locating and blocking meeting rooms. One of its key features is the navigation guidance it provides. It transforms CAD floor maps of buildings into 3D rich maps that can be displayed on digital signages. Employees get an interactive representation and overview of all meeting rooms, facilitating a quick and efficient search.

Its user-friendly interface makes it incredibly simple to use, while the intuitive design allows one to effortlessly select an ideal meeting room. 

How Meeting Room Finder simplifies the process step-by-step:

  1. Search and filter: Open the Meeting Room Finder on your interactive display and filter available rooms based on your requirements. This ensures that you find a room that perfectly suits your requirements.
  2. Hold the room: Once you’ve found the ideal room, choose a duration and place the room on hold. This completely eliminates the hassle of manual confirmation or advanced booking.
  3. Temperature, lighting, etc is automatically adjusted when you enter the room, so all you have to do is completely focus on your meeting. 

With the Spaces Meeting Room Finder, you can say goodbye to scheduling conflicts, manual search efforts, and other delays. Streamline your meeting room booking process today and experience the efficiency and convenience that Cisco Spaces can bring to your workplace.