Meeting room finder

Just months ago we rolled out a state-of-the-art product, Smart Workspaces. It increases office safety and productivity, simplifies hybrid work and turns working in the office into an experience, with interactive digital signages and 3D rich maps. The best part, is all of this works on existing Cisco network infrastructure. After getting a taste of what Smart Workspaces had to offer, our customers came up with requests for new features they would like to see in the product. Top on that list, was a solution to simplify finding meeting rooms and save time. 

We’re happy to announce that we’ve worked on that solution and our new feature, Meeting Room Finder, is LIVE.

Meeting Room Finder by Cisco Spaces

Cisco Smart Workspaces users can use a digital signage to locate an ideal meeting room on a 3D map, based on capacity, availability, location, collaboration equipment, and more. It also shows the fastest route to get there. Let’s take a look at how this translates for employees and staff.

Samantha works at an enterprise that offers better workplace experiences with Cisco Smart Workspaces.

Samantha is visiting the office for a meeting and is looking for the ideal room for her team. Here’s how she goes about it…

1. She looks up the 3D map of the floor on the digital signage and gets an overview of the closest available meeting rooms. 

Meeting rooms displayed on a digital signage

2. She chooses the ideal room for her meeting, based on the capacity, duration of availability, collaboration equipment and environmental factors like air quality, noise levels, etc. 

Availability displayed on the meeting room finder

3. Samantha temporarily places the room on hold, from the digital signage. She can now walk over to the room & reserve the room on the Webex navigator.

Place a meeting room on hold

4. Paul, from her team enters the building. He types in the name of the room on the signage, locates it on the 3D map & makes his way to the meeting.

Finding a meeting room

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