Here’s to another trailblazing webinar. The second in the series, our webinar is back to highlight best practices for setup of our IT use cases: utilizing Cisco Spaces to enhance end user Wi-Fi experience.

Watch the Webinar & follow along with our Product Managers as they step through optimizing your baseline setup with Spaces, & enabling your environment to deploy cutting edge use cases that are sure to pay dividends for your Wi-Fi users.

Whether a newcomer or a seasoned Spaces user, this webinar is designed for everyone. Here’s the trailer for what’s coming in this setup webinar:
  • Upload and zone your network maps for granular, differentiated location insights.
  • Enable your DNAC integration to bring location updates into the DNAC platform.
  • Label devices in your network to increase operational efficiency & locate for troubleshooting.
  • Recognize and mitigate security risks.
  • Create location reports utilizing SSID’s & learn how Spaces differentiates People vs. Things.