Cisco Spaces Smart License Deposit

Cisco Licensing will be updating customer Smart Accounts to deposit Smart Licenses for Cisco Spaces for previously fulfilled orders. These Cisco Spaces Smart License updates are for the recent change to add Cisco Spaces Extend to Cisco DNA Advantage Wireless subscriptions, and to add Cisco Spaces on-premises licenses to subscriptions purchased prior to smart licensing availability for on-premises software.

Upgrade license for Cisco Spaces Extend for all Cisco DNA Advantage customers:

In August 2021, Cisco updated the Cisco DNA Advantage for Wireless subscription to include a higher tier Cisco Spaces Extend license. The Extend license includes additional features over the Cisco Spaces See license tier that was included in Cisco DNA Advantage for Wireless. Customers that purchased Cisco DNA Advantage prior to this change will see new Cisco Spaces Extend upgrade licenses for cloud and on-premises added to their Smart Accounts.

Cisco Spaces on-premises Smart Licenses for Cisco DNA Advantage and Premier customers:

Customers that purchased Cisco DNA Advantage or Premier level subscriptions prior to the implementation
of smart licensing for Cisco Spaces on-premises (CMX 10.6.3) will have on-premises smart licenses added
to their accounts to match existing Cisco Spaces cloud licenses. Customers with eligible subscriptions will see these updates to their smart accounts in November 2021.

Cisco Spaces Extend Upgrade

What is the difference between the Cisco Spaces See subscription that was previously included with Cisco DNA Advantage for Wireless, and Cisco Spaces Extend?

Cisco Spaces Extend adds the Partner App Center, cloud and on-premises APIs, end-to-end support and monitoring for cloud partner integrations, Open Roaming carrier offload support, and several other features to extend and integrate Cisco Spaces with partner applications for Wi-Fi based use cases.

This provides the ability to integrate Cisco Spaces with App Center application partners, expanding the use cases and business outcomes that are enabled by Cisco Spaces. The Cisco Spaces partner integration framework makes it simple to discover, add, and configure data access for third party applications, and provides proactive monitoring and support from the wireless infrastructure to third party applications.

A detailed list of features for each Cisco Spaces packages can be found at or see the Cisco Spaces datasheet

Is there any additional cost for this upgrade to existing Cisco DNA Advantage subscriptions?

No, all current subscriptions can upgrade to Cisco Spaces Extend at no incremental cost for the remainder of the active subscription.

Will Cisco Spaces Extend upgrade licenses be provided for all previously purchased Cisco DNA Advantage subscriptions?

Yes, all existing active Cisco DNA Advantage subscriptions are eligible to upgrade Cisco Spaces See licenses to Extend at no incremental cost for the remainder of the term. Please see below for further details

Is the upgrade to Cisco Spaces Extend required? Can I keep using my existing Cisco Spaces See account and licenses?

Upgrades are not required. The Cisco Spaces Extend upgrade licenses will be valid for the remainder of the term, so the upgrade can be applied at any time, or you can keep using your Cisco Spaces See account and licenses if you do not want to use any of the Extend features.

If you purchase additional Cisco DNA Advantage wireless subscriptions, you will get Cisco Spaces Extend licenses, but you can still keep using your existing See cloud account or on-premises deployment. Smart Licensing will show the current usage against the lowest applicable, available license. For an account with a combination of See and Extend licenses and using only See level features, the usage will count first against the See licenses, and then against Extend

Are all Cisco Spaces See subscriptions eligible for the free upgrade to Cisco Spaces Extend?

No, currently only Cisco Spaces See subscriptions that were part of a Cisco DNA Advantage subscription are eligible for a free upgrade. A la carte subscriptions can be upgraded for an incremental price. See the Spaces ordering guide for further details.

Note: Cisco DNA Premier subscriptions have included Cisco Spaces Extend since late CY2019. Please reach out to Cisco licensing if you have an older Cisco DNA Premier subscription with Cisco Spaces See and would like to upgrade to Extend.

Is the upgrade process the same for individual DNA Advantage subscriptions purchased a la carte or with wireless access points and those purchased with a Cisco Enterprise Agreement?

All Cisco DNA Advantage subscriptions are eligible for the upgrade from Cisco Spaces See to Extend, but the process to upgrade and add smart licenses is different for Cisco Enterprise Agreement customers.

Customers that purchased Cisco DNA Advantage subscriptions with an Enterprise Agreement should use the EA Workspace to either generate a Cisco Spaces Extend license (for on-premises) and/ or Cisco Authoring Template: Q&A External Page 3 request provisioning for a Cisco Spaces Extend cloud account. There is no additional cost for the on-premises license or cloud account upgrade from See to Extend.

Customers that purchased Cisco DNA Advantage subscriptions outside of an Enterprise Agreement will have licenses deposited in their Smart Accounts as described in this document.

Cisco Spaces on-premises smart licenses

Why is Cisco adding on-premises smart licenses for Cisco Spaces?

Prior to the implementation of smart licensing on Cisco Spaces (effective with the 10.6.3 release of Cisco CMX), only smart licenses for cloud accounts were delivered with each subscription. Cisco is adding smart licenses for on-premises for subscriptions purchased prior to on-premises smart licensing availability, which occurred in the Q4 CY2020 time frame.

How many on-premises smart licenses are being added to each Smart Account?

It depends on when subscriptions were ordered and fulfilled. After the deposit is completed, the number of active Cisco Spaces cloud and on-premises licenses should be the same.

Is Smart Licensing required for Cisco Spaces on-premises?

No, if you are currently using classic licensing for Cisco Spaces on-premises, you do not need to change to smart licensing at this time.

Is Cisco Spaces on-premises required to use Cisco Spaces cloud?

No, Cisco Spaces cloud accounts do not require the use of Cisco Spaces on-premises. Cisco Spaces Connector with a cloud account is typically the recommended approach for Cisco Spaces deployments. Cisco Spaces on-premises provides a limited feature set for use when use of Cisco Spaces cloud is not feasible.