In order to better understand customer behavior, many businesses are now turning to Wi-Fi analytics. This technology allows businesses to track and analyze the movements of customers within their premises. By understanding how customers move around their buildings, businesses can optimize their layout and operations to better meet customer needs. Let’s take a look at how Wi-Fi analytics works and how it can be used to improve customer experiences.

Unlocking the power of your customer’s smartphone

The internet plays an invaluable role in the modern shopping experience, with customers often researching products online before making the final decision to purchase them. As such, retailers are taking advantage of Wi-Fi analytics to understand customer behavior and gather data that can inform their own marketing efforts. For example, imagine a customer walking into a retail store who notices bicycle accessories they may be interested in buying. With guest Wi-Fi access available right at their fingertips, they can easily look up reviews about each product. This data gathered from Wi-Fi analytics not only allows retailers to track customers’ interests and identify emerging trends, but also provides shoppers with validated decision-making processes, as they weigh options across multiple providers. Understanding consumer habits is essential for any businesses seeking growth opportunities. So using Wi-Fi analytics creates a symbiotic relationship between retailers and customers alike – offering both valuable perspective on user behavior and data-driven insights for successful business models going forward.

What we learn from real-time customer behavior

By using Wi-Fi analytics to understand customer behavior, businesses gain valuable insights into the real-time wants and needs of their customers, such as how much time they spend in store, or how often they visit. This invaluable data can inform decisions on development of products, services and marketing campaigns, in an effort to improve customer experiences and strengthen customer relationships. Additionally, by keeping track of signals across different touchpoints, trends can be identified, which results in comprehensive understanding of the customer journey and provides actionable strategies that drive value creation for both the business and its customers. This data can be integrated into enterprise systems, allowing businesses to create a 360 degree view of customers by tracking behavior across different touchpoints.

Gaining insight into your customer’s identity

By utilizing Wi-Fi analytics, businesses can gain valuable insights into who their customers are. This data can be used to better understand who is using their Wi-Fi network, when they are using it the most and what actions they take while connected. It provides business owners an unprecedented glimpse into their customers’ true identity, as well as more concrete evidence of their buying behavior in order to segment them more effectively. With deeper analysis of this data, business owners can learn how best to serve their customers and even anticipate future trends in customer behavior before they occur, allowing for a remarkably successful marketing strategy.

Influence customer behavior with proximity notifications and targeted advertising

Understanding the habits and behavior of your customers is essential for a successful marketing campaign. Wi-Fi analytics can give you real-time data about their interactions with your products, allowing for adjusting targeting strategies for more effective outreach. By leveraging this data, businesses can send personalized messaging and targeted advertising to visitors in their spaces, and tailor campaigns to individual user wants and needs, increasing the likelihood of customer engagement. This type of personalization can also be used in tandem with other marketing tactics, to create an immersive experience that resonates with new and established customers alike.

Determine your customer’s wants and needs with Wi-Fi analytics

Wi-Fi Analytics can be a powerful way for businesses to gain valuable insights into their customers’ behavior within their spaces. Leveraging Wireless Access Points, this technology scans the number of connected devices and collects data about how long those devices stay within your premises, helping you to understand customer behavior patterns, such as what products they prefer and how often they visit the store. Wi-Fi analytics also offers up-to-date marketing insights in real time, letting you know when customers sign in and out of your store. With this type of data-driven analysis, it becomes easier to determine what your customers want and need, so that you can make well informed decisions about product offering selection and change shop design layout accordingly.

How Cisco Spaces can help

Wi-Fi analytics can be used to influence customer behavior with targeted messaging. And ultimately, by understanding your customer’s wants and needs, you can improve your business to better serve them. Cisco Spaces uses a host of apps like Location Analytics, Behavior Metrics and Impact Analysis to use Wi-Fi analytics and take your buildings from mere connectivity to digitization. After understanding customer behavior, you can use this data to segment customers based on behavior and tailor messaging for various customer groups, via apps like Location Personas and Engagements.

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