It’s not everyday that one gets to celebrate an honor. And for us at Cisco Spaces, August 2022 brought news that was not only reason to celebrate, but also testament to efficient, compelling and successful Product-Led Growth. For the third year in a row, Spaces has received the Gartner Customers’ Choice distinction, making us the highest ranking indoor location and IoT services platform on Gartner Peer Insights.

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Creating a standard for the ILS industry

The response and reviews from our customers over the years has been the driving force behind our unique approach to product-led growth. The Spaces SaaS lifecycle includes a combination of a high-touch and low-touch approach, taking it from activation to adoption and finally renewal. Our team also liaisons with sellers and account managers who are the face of the product, keeping them abreast with the latest product updates and client-specific use cases, helping them offer the highest possible product benefits, while also ensuring alignment in our product vision. 

But to measure exactly how Cisco Spaces has changed the Indoor Location Services industry, one must first understand the problems faced by the industry. To begin with, there is still an extensive lack of awareness about indoor location technology and its benefits across various verticals, such as healthcare, hospitality and retail. And if one looks beyond the lack of awareness, further sags such as the complexity of deployment and integrating various ILS technologies and hardware, come to the fore. When dealing with multiple technology vendors, receiving the right technical support too, becomes a mammoth task. Needless to say, deploying the service at scale, in turn becomes difficult, demanding and laborious.

How Cisco Spaces tackled industry problems

The key to our success in the ILS industry can largely be attributed to successful Product-Led Growth strategy and a clockwork SaaS lifecycle. But beyond that, Cisco Spaces stands apart from the competition, because as a product, it has managed to find solutions to the problems faced by customers in the industry. Some of the key problems we have tackled for our customers include making it easier for enterprises to navigate hybrid work, providing analytics on space usage and visitor behavior, enabling seamless visitor experiences and optimizing operations through cloud powered IoT.

Cisco Spaces offers simplicity: Spaces is a single cloud platform that harnesses the power of Cisco infrastructure (hardware and sensors like Catalyst, Meraki and Webex) to provide use cases that make buildings safe, smart, sustainable and seamless. Despite operating both native and partner apps, Spaces brings all of it together on a single pane dashboard. With existing Cisco infrastructure in place, onboarding is easy – Spaces can be deployed in just 30 minutes. 

Cisco Spaces is scalable: Spaces eliminates the need for overlay networks and proprietary gateways. Everything is on the cloud and it takes just 30 minutes to deploy across multiple buildings and locations. Till date, Cisco Spaces has digitized over 8 billion square feet globally and counting. 

Cisco Spaces support is 24/7 and automatic: Spaces is designed in such a way that support is inbuilt, automatic and round the clock. It goes beyond just monitoring, to provide you an end-to-end service that continuously monitors not only native, but also partner apps and devices, APIs and integrations, alerting you automatically when there is something that needs your attention. 

Cisco Spaces is secure: We are an ISO 27001, SOC Type 1, GDPR compliant platform. For customers, this means that we follow stringent data protection protocols and adhere to all industry norms.

All of these attributes and its consistency have resulted in Cisco Spaces winning the trust of users and industry experts. And with our reliance on efficient Product-Led Growth, we are confident of continuing this winning streak and emerging as an industry leader, year after year. 

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