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Are you a Cisco channel partner or service provider? Cisco Spaces will transform your customer conversation from connectivity to business outcomes. Here’s all the ammo you need to get started with Cisco Spaces and close deals faster

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Smart Campuses

Workspaces, Campuses

Wi-Fi occupancy across campuses to improve operations and cost

- Real-time occupancy
- Space utilization analytics
- Sustainability and energy efficiency
- Detect and locate devices

Hybrid work site assessment,
site optimization,

- Smart Buildings
- Environmental monitoring
- IoT Explorer
- Asset Tracking

Smart Campus Spaces Utilization

Extend with Partner

Leverage Cisco network to better manage spaces, resources and respond to emergencies

 Collect utilization data of all facilities and resources to build high quality cases and assessments that prioritize costs, investments and student success

Conduct campus-wide site assessments, introduce and manage cost saving initiatives

- Real-time Asset Management
- Environmental Monitoring & Alerts

Smart Campus Indoor Navigation

Extend with Partner
Education, Healthcare, Venues

Reduce the time to locate and navigate to classes, rooms and places across the campus

Campus wayfinding with blue dot positioning saves time and improves the experience for students traveling across campus

Wi-Fi density assessments and network optimization

- Asset Tracking 
- Space Booking
- Occupancy Heat Mats

Smart Venues

Retail, Venues

Personalized visitor experiences that are contactless and contextual

- Seamless Wi-Fi Onboarding
- Visitor Segmentation
- Contextual, cross-channel Engagement
- Behavioral Analytics

Engagement Campaigns, App SDK integration

- Application Development
- Experience Monetization
- App SDK Testing Services

Safety & Security

Act with Partner
Healthcare, Education

Enterprises, Hybrid Work Environments

- Improved collaboration and productivity
- Better resource management
- Improved customer experiences

- Wi-Fi density testing
- Site planning
- Mapping services

- Asset Tracking
- Student Retention
- Environmental monitoring

Smart Workspaces Rich Maps

Enterprises, Hybrid Work Environments

Reduce cost, increase safety and efficiency, and improve the use of resources

Help organizations improve their workspace management, enhance collaboration, reduce operating cost and increase productivity

Implementation of the Smart Workspaces Rich Map with IoT device support

- Campus wide deployment of Smart Workspaces
- BLE and Wireless Sensor integrations

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