Cisco Spaces: Account Provisioning Form

Cisco Spaces is offered as A la carte or as a part of the DNA Advantage and Premier Bundles. To activate the end customer’s subscription, you are required to fill this form by entering the end customer details. 

Please note: Activation of Cisco Spaces involves onboarding the customer’s network to Cisco Spaces cloud which is why we require the end customer network information.

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Get 10× the value from your wireless network

Cisco DNA Spaces is the bridge for wireless networks from connectivity to digitization. With Cisco DNA Spaces, your wireless network can now understand the business identity and at-location behavior of people and things at your buildings and take actions based on these insights.

Already deployed at scale across 33,000 locations, digitizing over 1.5 billion sq. feet of enterprise space — it is the most powerful, scalable and secure location services platform built with end-to-end encryption.

It supports all Cisco wireless topologies with compatibility and interoperability across Cisco Aironet, Cisco Catalyst, and Cisco Meraki products and solutions.

Right from the moment you activate, it starts providing value, that only grows over time.

See, Act and Extend with Cisco Spaces

Gather Insights from people & things across your business locations by activating today.

Take Actions based on the Insights

Use Specialized ISV Apps, Enterprise Software CRM’s and Digitization Partners to extend the value of your location data beyond our platform.

Cisco Spaces: See package

Know what’s happening across your business locations

Location Hierarchy

Simplify deployment of location services & consumption of reports by building a common business taxonomy for your global locations.

Detect & Locate

Search and display devices on a map interface.

Behavior Metrics

Gold standard performance metrics for your business locations.

24/7 Monitoring

Know & fix issues immediately with 24/7 monitoring & support

Data Export

Do an extensive data export to correlate with other data sources relevant for your business

Open Roaming

Stay connected wherever you go, seamlessly & securely

Location Analytics

Gain visibility into people behavior and patterns

Cisco Spaces: Act package

Turn Insights into Actions

Captive Portals

Onboard and acquire visitors at your properties.


Deliver contextual multichannel notifications.

Location Personas

Profile visitors based on at-location behavior.

Operational Insights

Tag & Monitor assets, detect anomalies and trigger alerts.

BLE Manager

Setup and manage functions of BLE radios.

Location SDK

Provide real time location for triggers, paths and points of interest.

Cisco Spaces: Extend
Get access to the fastest growing location services partner ecosystem with specialized ISVs building vertical apps to drive your business outcomes
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