Cisco DNA Spaces is an opportunity for you to drive incremental business while also helping your customers realize additional value from their existing wireless network.

What is Cisco DNA Spaces?


To gain strategic business advantage, enterprises need the same level of visibility into the behavior of people and connected assets within their buildings as digital websites and mobile apps have. This creates a new need for IT to find secure ways to get this data at scale and across their locations.

Cisco DNA Spaces makes this possible. It is the next generation location cloud platform that leverages your existing wireless infrastructure to provide actionable insights and drive business outcomes. All previous Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) products are integrated under the Cisco DNA Spaces platform with additional features and capabilities.

What are the product features?

Cisco DNA Spaces is available in 2 powerful packages: SEE and ACT

Know what’s happening across your business locations

Location Hierarchy, Detect & Locate, Business Insights, Location Analytics, Splash Page, 24/7 Monitoring, Data Export & Open Roaming

Turn Insights into Actions

Captive Portals, Engagements, Location Personas, Operational Insights, BLE Manager, Location SDK

What’s in it for me?

Build Cisco preference

Opportunity to build preference for Cisco through value offered by Cisco DNA Spaces – superior analytics, powerful feature set, better user experience & innovation velocity.

Hardware Assist

Opportunity to accelerate hardware sales through an outcome-driven software with proven use cases that delivers better ROI to wireless customers.

Easy quota retirement

Faster RO Retirement with 100% subscription sale

Enrich your deals

Cisco DNA Spaces SEE is already included in DNA Advantage and Premier SKUs – provides you with an opportunity to upsell to ACT and more Advantage licenses

Reward for activation

Get a free Amazon Echo when you help your customer activate Cisco DNA Spaces by connecting 300 or more APs to the DNA Spaces cloud

Licensing and Ordering

It is made available to customers in 3 ways:
Bundled with DNA Advantage/Premier

DNA Spaces: See is included in the current Cisco DNA Advantage & Premier wireless subscription at no additional cost.

Cisco DNA Spaces: Act is a default option on Cisco DNA Premier subscriptions. When purchased with a Cisco DNA Premier wireless subscription, Cisco DNA Spaces is priced at 50% less than when purchased a la carte. Customers that opt-out of Cisco DNA Spaces Act will get Cisco DNA Spaces SEE at $0 incremental cost.

Customers purchasing Cisco DNA Advantage on AP4800 products also get the option to purchase a Cisco DNA Spaces Act subscription at 50% less than the a la carte price

A la carte

Cisco DNA Spaces can be purchased a la carte through the product SKUs on CCW

Migrate from CMX/MSE

Migration offers are available for customers who have existing CMX and MSE licenses either purchased a-la-carte or included in Cisco One Foundation, Advanced perpetual or Cisco One Advantage subscription.

What value does Cisco DNA Spaces provide to customers?

Know what’s happening across business locations

Know the behavior of people & things across business locations with gold standard location data analytics

  • Business taxonomy mapping
  • Asset tracking
  • Insights into people behavior
  • Benchmark location performance
  • Realtime view
  • Impact analysis
  • Seamless on-boarding to boost WiFi adoption
  • Easy data consumption
  • Easy classification for quick action
Turn Insights into Actions

Cisco DNA comes with digitization toolkits, API’s, SDK’s, SLA’s enabling customers to Harness their location data to drive business outcomes

  • Onboard and acquire visitors
  • Deliver contextual engagements to visitors
  • Profile visitors based on location behavior
  • Tag & Monitor Assets
  • Setup and manage BLE radios
  • Provide real time location for triggers, paths and points of interest.
Do more with your location data

Export your data for online analysis or correlations. Customers also get access to a partner ecosystem of prebuilt apps across industry verticals available within their DNA Spaces dashboard

  • Export row/metric level data
  • Partner App Store
  • Partner Apps for See & Act packages
  • Enterprise Software Integration
  • Solution Partners/Developer Teams

How can customers activate Cisco DNA Spaces?

Activation of Cisco DNA Spaces is independent of DNAC deployment. As soon as an order with DNA Spaces SKUs is placed (a la carte or DNA bundle), an account is provisioned for the end customer.
DNA Account Setup

The account admin will get an email invitation from DNA Spaces platform to setup account password.

Network Onboarding
Upon setting the account, the admin will need to onboard their Aironet & Meraki network to DNA Spaces cloud using our setup guide : Most of our customers are able to onboard their network to the DNA Spaces cloud in 30—45 mins. However, if assistance is needed, our team is available to assist over a WebEx anytime.

What are some of the success stories of DNA Spaces?

We have successful deployments across all industries – workspaces, education, retail, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, stadiums, airports, banks, etc.

Professional football association (Norwegian Football League) is seeing a 22% opt-in rate for personalized engagements

Large healthcare provider (HCA) reports that time spent searching for assets decreased from 4 hours to 10 minutes

Commercial tool manufacturer (Black and Decker Stanley) reduced inventory holding costs by 10%
Large university (University of British Columbia) reports occupancy-based HVAC resulted in a 5% annual savings in energy costs

Before we deployed the Cisco solution, it was up to each club to set up its own wireless access and portal. Now it is easy to set up different events for different types of venues. In addition to football, we can have established portals for hockey matches in the National Arena, motorcycle races, and other attractions. It gives our venues much more value because the experience can be customized to the specific event.

Norwegian Professional Football League

The two core principles Intu has are they want to make people dwell for longer and come back more often. If we can use Cisco DNA Spaces to do that, then it means that they’re starting to see more revenue because retailers see higher footfall and people are hanging around for longer and spending more money… As we move more into data and software and start to embrace Cisco DNA Spaces and other product sets, that’s how we’re going to stay alive and relevant.

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