Indoor wayfinding
Spaces delivers turn-by-turn indoor navigation on digital signage as well as on mobile devices

When it comes to large indoor spaces, they can be a challenge for new visitors and even staff or employees to navigate. This eventually leads to wasted time and inefficiency. Fortunately, indoor location services is revolutionizing the way indoor navigation and wayfinding is delivered, making it a necessity in large facilities such as hospitals, airports, office complexes and shopping malls. 

Thanks to Cisco Spaces, you don’t need to look beyond your existing Cisco wireless network hardware to deploy indoor navigation. The Gartner Peer Insights reviewed platform for indoor location services, delivers state-of-the-art wayfinding on 3D rich maps.

How Does Cisco Spaces Deliver Indoor Wayfinding Solutions?

Spaces uses three main technologies to deliver indoor navigation – network hardware and BLE beacons, digital signage and 3D rich maps.

  1. The process begins with Spaces taking the CAD files of a building and turning them into digital, 3D rich maps that give users complete spatial awareness of the floor that they’re on.
  2. Then, existing Cisco wireless hardware and BLE beacons accurately determine users’ real-time location within a building.
  3. This data is channeled through Spaces, onto the digital maps, on interactive digital signage available across the building.
  4. Once a user locates a point of interest on the signage, they can receive navigation directions on their mobile devices by scanning a QR code. 

Benefits of Wayfinding via Indoor Location Services

Enhanced User Experience

Imagine a hospital where patients and visitors can easily find their way to different departments without any confusion. Or a campus or venue, where students and visitors get an overview of various facilities and points of interest (POI) and navigate to them seamlessly. In both scenarios, the wayfinding service eliminates stress and improves the overall user experience.

Workplace Efficiency

The dependable Cisco hardware and beacons that Spaces relies on, deliver accurate indoor location data, which in turn results in accurate navigation. This accuracy translates into better workplace efficiency. For instance, staff and visitors in offices can browse available meeting rooms/POIs and navigate to the nearest one effortlessly. This saves a lot of time therefor improving overall workplace efficiency.

Scalability and ROI

As a cloud-platform, Spaces is designed for easy scalability. This makes it the ideal choice even for large deployments. In addition, since it works on existing Cisco hardware, deploying indoor wayfinding with Spaces ensures a significant return on network investments (ROI).

In a nutshell, Spaces’ indoor wayfinding service offers a cutting-edge solution for navigation, enabling seamless and efficient movement within complex facilities. It enables businesses across industries to enhance their customer/user experience, improve efficiency and gain from their network investment. 

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