Overview & challenges

Since their partnership with Cisco, Greater Toronto Airports Authority has made significant progress with its wireless network at Toronto Pearson, Canada’s Largest Airport. With the activation of Cisco Spaces, GTAA has been able to derive more value from their wireless network.

Challenges: These are some of the challenges GTAA faced before Cisco Spaces…

  • Eliminating a cumbersome Wi-Fi login process and providing a seamless login and authentication experience.
  • Inability to deliver contextual and tailored messaging/content through passenger engagement.
  • No operational insights or engagement opportunities.
  • Lack of wayfinding, asset tracking services

“Cisco Spaces provides location and context awareness, which will allow us to tailor content and offers for each passenger. Cisco Spaces is a game changer for us.”

Daniela Marchetti,
Manager of Digital Solutions, GTAA

Advancements with Cisco Spaces:

Using Cisco Spaces, GTAA is now delivering new experiences for passengers and new outcomes for vendors and staff. 

Passenger engagement: Taking into consideration passenger variables like the terminal they’re in, whether they’re flying international or domestic, etc, Toronto Pearson airport now offers them contextual engagements. 

Expanding revenue: GTAA can now offer passenger insights to airport vendors and retailers, which gives them the ability to engage passengers with promotional offers in real time. These insights can also be used to directly advertise and sell airport services and upgrades (such as priority access in security lines) to passengers. In addition to this, Cisco Spaces also provides detailed operational insights that can be used to make significant improvements in efficiency.

Employee communication and engagement: With Cisco Spaces, the Wi-Fi network can be used to communicate with all employees, or with specific groups. Wayfinding services can be provided to both passengers and employees. 

GTAA can now also use its wireless network to track airport assets and monitor the occupancy of specific areas within the airport. 

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