Healthcare asset management

Efficient asset tracking and management are crucial in the healthcare industry. The availability and proper utilization of medical equipment directly impact patient care and overall operational efficiency. Implementing a cloud-based healthcare asset tracking solution, such as Cisco Spaces, can significantly improve asset visibility, streamline workflows and enhance patient care. The right asset tracking solution can optimize equipment utilization and improve patient care. Here’s how…

1. Critical Asset Visibility

In a healthcare setting, critical assets such as medical equipment (IV pumps, heart rate monitors, etc), diagnostic tools and mobile assets (wheelchairs, etc), are constantly in use and frequently moved. Once these assets are tagged using BLE tags, Cisco Spaces provide real-time visibility of the location and status of tagged assets. This significantly reduces the time spent searching for equipment and ensures critical equipment is available when needed. Being a cloud-based asset management system, Cisco Spaces enables healthcare professionals to access asset information from anywhere, facilitating efficient utilization and minimizing delays in patient care.

2. Asset Usage & Maintenance

Asset tracking in hospitals plays a significant role in enhancing patient safety. With Cisco Spaces hospital asset tracking management, healthcare professionals can accurately track the usage and maintenance history of medical equipment. This information helps ensure that medical devices are properly sterilized, calibrated and maintained to meet regulatory standards. With cloud-based asset tracking, healthcare organizations can also automate maintenance schedules. 

3. Optimal Asset Utilization

By monitoring asset usage patterns and analyzing historical asset data, healthcare organizations can identify idle or underutilized equipment. This allows for informed decisions on redistributing equipment, reducing unnecessary purchases and optimizing resource allocation. Ultimately, maximizing equipment utilization leads to cost savings and ensures that healthcare organizations can meet patient needs promptly and efficiently.

4. Preventing Loss & Theft

Loss or theft of medical equipment can disrupt patient care. Asset tracking helps prevent this, by creating accountability and deterring unauthorized handling or removal of assets. Healthcare professionals can monitor asset movement, set access controls and generate automated reports to identify potential security breaches. Automatic alerts can be triggered when assets move outside of predefined areas. This proactive approach safeguards assets and ensures smooth operation of healthcare facilities.

6. Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with regulatory requirements is crucial in healthcare. With cloud-based healthcare asset tracking management, critical information, such as maintenance records and usage logs, can be accessed easily, facilitating compliance audits and demonstrating adherence to regulatory standards.

Tag your assets with BLE tags and track critical assets using Cisco Spaces. A dedicated device marketplace ensures that pre-validated  BLE tags are easily accessible. Learn more about cloud-based asset tracking and how Cisco Spaces delivers this use case