An office meeting room

In modern workplaces, finding available meeting rooms can be a time-consuming and frustrating task that hampers productivity. A survey by Pointr revealed that almost half (48%) of office workers waste a substantial amount of time searching for meeting rooms each week. On average, a search for a meeting room in a bustling workplace can consume up to 5.5 minutes.
Moreover, a survey by Atlassian revealed that employees in the US spend around 31 hours a month on unproductive meetings. It was noted that much of this time was spent searching for a satisfactory meeting rooms. The study also showed that the average employee attends 62 meetings per month, with half of them labeled as ‘time-wasters’. This underlines the need for solutions like the Spaces Meeting Room Finder.

The Solution: Simplify The Process Of Finding Meeting Rooms

To streamline the process of finding the ideal meeting room, Cisco Spaces has created a feature called the Meeting Room Finder. It simplifies the whole process by providing real-time visibility into meeting room availability, capacity, and amenities. 

With this feature, employees can effortlessly locate and book available meeting rooms on their floor or building, using digital signage. Designed with ease of use in mind, it offers a clean, intuitive and interactive interface, displayed on 3D, digital map of the building. Employees can filter and search for meeting rooms based on location, size, conferencing facilities, etc, eliminating the hassle of manually scouting for an ideal space.

Spaces Meeting room finder
The Spaces Meeting Room Finder interface on a digital signage

How The Spaces Solution Improves Efficiency

  1. By allowing employees to quickly find a suitable meeting space and hold it, the finder saves a lot of time otherwise spent on extensive searching.
  2. With real-time information on environmental metrics like humidity and temperature, the meeting room finder lets you choose a room that is ideal for collaboration. And an ideal environment means more productive meetings. 
  3. The Spaces meeting room finder displays real-time availability and updates for all meeting rooms, thereby eliminating potential scheduling conflicts and further reducing any waste of time. 
  4. And with navigation guidance on mobiles, the finder helps everyone reach the meeting room effortlessly, with no stress.

By reducing the time and effort spent on the task of locating meeting rooms, organizations can streamline their meeting room booking processes and enhance overall productivity. Employees experience reduced stress levels and increased job satisfaction as they can focus on meaningful work, rather than engaging in unproductive searches.

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