Occupancy in a building

Occupancy tracking or occupancy monitoring solutions have become an essential tool for organizations looking to optimize their workspaces and improve productivity. With a variety of options available, it’s crucial to consider key factors when choosing an indoor occupancy tracking solution so that it meets all the needs of your organization. These are the important factors to consider when selecting an occupancy tracking solution…

Accuracy & reliability

It’s essential to choose a solution that provides real-time and accurate occupancy data. Look for a solution that utilizes advanced technologies such as sensors, beacons, or Wi-Fi and provides accurate and reliable data on space utilization. The indoor occupancy tracking solution should be capable of differentiating between occupied and unoccupied spaces and provide timely updates to avoid discrepancies. Choosing a solution with high accuracy and reliability ensures that your decisions regarding space optimization and resource allocation are based on trustworthy data.

Scalability & flexibility

Consider the scalability and flexibility of the indoor occupancy tracking solution. It should be able to accommodate the specific needs of your organization, irrespective of the space. Look for a solution that can scale easily, as your organization grows or changes. Additionally, consider the flexibility of the solution in terms of integration with other workplace management systems or platforms. Seamless integration with existing systems ensures smooth data flow and enhances the overall effectiveness of the solution.

Ease of installation & usability

Look for a solution that is easy to install and does not require significant disruption or modification to your existing infrastructure. The sensors or devices should be easy to deploy without requiring extensive technical expertise. Additionally, consider the user interface and usability of the solution. It should be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing your staff to access occupancy data easily and make informed decisions.

Data privacy & security

Ensuring data privacy and security is crucial when implementing an occupancy tracking solution. Look for one that prioritizes data privacy and is compliant with data protection regulations. The solution should provide robust security measures to protect the collected data from unauthorized access or breaches. It’s important to understand the data handling practices of the solution provider and their commitment to secure data storage and transmission.

Data analytics
Analytics & reporting capabilities

Consider the analytics and reporting capabilities of the occupancy tracking solution. It should provide valuable insights into space utilization trends, occupancy patterns and peak times. Look for a solution that offers customizable dashboards and reports, allowing you to analyze data as you require. Advanced analytics features, such as predictive analytics or forecasting, can further enhance your ability to optimize space allocation and resource planning.


Finally, consider the cost-effectiveness of the occupancy tracking solution. Evaluate the upfront costs, including hardware, installation, and any required infrastructure upgrades. Also, consider the ongoing costs such as maintenance, support, and software licensing fees. While it’s important to invest in a reliable and accurate solution, it’s equally important to ensure that the solution provides value for money and aligns with your budget.

Lower TCO with Spaces indoor occupancy tracking

Cisco Spaces is a cloud-based choice that delivers occupancy monitoring at a significantly lower total cost of ownership. Unlike other solutions that may require a dedicated occupancy-sensing device, it uses existing Cisco wireless network infrastructure as sensors to provide reliable and accurate real-time occupancy data. It has a flexible and scalable architecture and can integrate with existing workplace management systems seamlessly. Cisco Spaces also implements the latest data privacy and security protocols, ensuring that all occupancy data is secure and compliant with data protection regulations. With its customizable dashboards and reporting features, organizations can gain valuable insights into workspace utilization trends and occupancy patterns to make informed decisions to optimize their space and resource allocation.

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