Unattended device in a workplace

Whether it’s finding a lost device, keeping track of assets or ensuring that employees’ devices are secure, device tracking is a critical aspect of workplace management. Most assets in a modern office are wireless – laptops, smartphones, tablets, printers, etc. This makes it easier to deploy device tracking in workplaces using Wi-Fi Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). 

Importance of Device Tracking in the Workplace

Device tracking ensures that workplace assets are secure and any risks of stolen or misplaced devices is minimized. In addition, rogue device detection is vital to ensure network safety and to adhere to compliance standards. Keeping an eye on device inventory also helps businesses manage costs and reduce downtime. 

How Do Wi-Fi Real-Time Location Systems Work?

A Wi-Fi RTLS system gathers data from access points and determines the location of individual wireless devices within the building. It provides contextual data on device usage, as well as real-time location information. It uses algorithms to map asset location. This makes it easy for IT teams to visualize where devices are in real-time, and also analyze historic usage patterns. Historic data can be used to help businesses make informed decisions on preventing loss of assets and devices.

Workplace Device Tracking Simplified with Cisco Spaces

Cisco Spaces offers a comprehensive solution for workplace device tracking with the Detect & Locate app. It leverages existing Cisco infrastructure to provide real-time and historical location data of all wireless devices on a network.

Detect & Locate allows IT teams to track devices without BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or IoT (Internet of Things) beacons and tags. It is designed to be easy to deploy and can be used without requiring any additional hardware. The app also displays heat maps of connected devices.

Device Tracking Benefits of Detect & Locate

In addition to serving as a valuable tool for workplace device tracking, Detect & Locate has other benefits, too…

  • Rogue device detection: The app monitors the network and flag rogue devices or APs that are not authorized by IT. 
  • Labeling and grouping devices: Using Detect & Locate, IT teams can label and categorize assets/devices across buildings (Eg: HR department’s iPad).
  • Heat maps: Using heat maps, IT teams can visualize the real-time location of devices on a map. They can also identify areas within the building where assets are concentrated.
  • Historical data: The app provides historical data insights that can be used to optimize operations, and follow a data-driven approach to device management.

Using just your existing Cisco network infrastructure, Spaces simplifies device tracking in workplaces and also eliminates the need for additional hardware or investments. Learn more about Detect & Locate