Loss and theft of valuable assets can have a significant impact on any organization. Implementing an effective asset tracking system is crucial for preventing loss and theft. By leveraging the power of a cloud-based asset tracking solution, such as Cisco Spaces, you can enhance visibility, improve accountability and deter theft. Here’s how the right asset tracking solution can safeguard your organization.

1. Real-time visibility

By implementing an asset tracking solution, you can keep track of all your valuable assets in real-time. Whether it’s equipment, tools or inventory, the solution allows you to monitor the whereabouts and utilization of each asset. This increased visibility creates accountability and discourages unauthorized handling or removal of assets. With a cloud-based asset management system, you can access and track assets across multiple buildings, on a single pane. This ensures that you stay informed even when you’re not physically present.

2. Improving accountability

Asset tracking systems enable you to assign ownership and responsibility to each asset within your organization. By tagging assets with unique identifiers such as BLE tags and associating them with employees or departments, you establish a clear chain of custody. This accountability discourages unauthorized transfer or improper use. Additionally, by monitoring asset movement and usage, you can quickly identify any unusual usage or movement and take appropriate action to prevent loss or theft.

3. Receive alerts on unauthorized use

With accurate and up-to-date information on each asset’s location and status, you can ensure that assets are used appropriately and returned to their designated storage or location after use. A cloud-based asset tracking solution can generate automated reports or notifications to alert you if an asset is being used outside of authorized areas or timeframes. This proactive approach helps prevent loss and misuse.

Cisco Spaces can help your organization reduce the risk of loss and theft of valuable assets. It offers a BLE-based asset tracking and management solution using Catalyst 9000 infrastructure. Tag your assets with pre-integrated BLE tags available at the Cisco Spaces device marketplace, manage and monitor them and get notified of their location. Learn more about cloud-based asset tracking here