Did you know that Cisco Spaces can help you elevate Wi-Fi users’ experience on your network?
With Spaces, use device location to proactively solve problems that plague your users – and ultimately come back to rear their ugly head in the form of tickets, complaints, and security breaches.

Our product team is back to showcase functionality and break down value – all through the lens of an IT professional.. Here’s what you can learn on the webinar:

Gain insights using building layout and physical location : 

  • Gather historical data to prioritize wireless refreshes
  • Understand client density to assess bandwidth and augmentation needs
  • Identify, Locate and Mitigate risk of security breaches
  • Recognize placement of interferers and understand their impact

Learn how to use the Open Roaming app to provide a Seamless Onboarding experience:

  • Identity Providers
  • Carrier Offload

Sneak peek of new, innovative functionality that is sure to leave IT professionals jaw on the floor!