Reimagine Operations with
Cloud-Powered IoT

IoT doesn’t have to be complicated. Our product experts invite you to explore Cisco Spaces’ features that allow you to implement BLE use cases at scale without any proprietary vendor hardware at a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Learn how this technology, coupled with our native and partner apps, completely simplifies a traditionally complex use case deployment.

Empower your organization with cloud powered IoT, using just your Cisco network hardware and Cisco Spaces.

This on-demand webinar will cover…

Breaking IoT Silos: Do away with overlay networks, IT-OT conflicts, vendor lock-ins.
Driving Operational Efficiency: Benefit from use cases like asset tracking, environmental monitoring, panic button, staff duress, and more.
Simplifying IoT: Achieve centralized device onboarding, management, and monitoring – all on a single pane!
Lowering your TCO: Achieve 3X lower TCO with Cisco Spaces. Do away with proprietary solutions and minimize costs with Cisco.
Demos: Visualize what Cisco Spaces can do for your enterprise. Get all your questions answered.


Host and Speakers

Host and Speaker

Sean Park

Leader, Product Management - Cisco Spaces



Nirav Turakhia

Leader, Product Management - Cisco Spaces

Watch the On-Demand Webinar

Duration 60 min

Who is this for? This interactive training is designed for IT, Ops and business teams so go ahead and forward this to your peers as well!