Simplifying IoT with Cisco DNA Spaces eBLE

On-Demand Webinar: 

Leverage your Cisco infrastructure to easily deploy and scale IoT solutions at a significantly lower Total cost of ownership (TCO) – no proprietary gateways needed!


Sean Park

Product Manager, Cisco DNA Spaces


Lucas Hanson

Sr. Product Manager, Cisco DNA Spaces

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45 minutes

What was covered in the webinar?

     1. Cisco DNA Spaces eBLE

Democratizing IoT by creating an open, enterprise standard

      2. End-to-end lifecycle management

Order, deploy, manage and monitor BLE devices and activate Apps

     3. Indoor IoT use cases

Asset Tracking, Environmental Monitoring, Indoor Wayfinding, and more!


With a Live Demo and Q&A session so that you can visualize what this solution can do for your enterprise